Bricasti M3 m/streamer og fjernkontroll 96.250,-

Exceptional performance and value

The M3 offers an incredible array of performance in a more affordable price class. Highlights include two fully differential conversion channels, separate conversion for PCM and native DSD, and a balanced analog level control circuit, making the M3 suitable for all applications.

Product Overview
The M3 features 2 fully differential conversion channels, each with its own D/A converter, and analog level
control circuitry. With our twin DAC design, the dynamic range for each channel is optimized by using the
stereo ADI 1955 D/A converters in a mono configuration for PCM conversion, clocking is implemented
with a technique called DDS (direct digital synthesis) which takes clock induced jitter to immeasurable
levels. DSD is converted with our own proprietary one bit analog converter.


Powerful Architecture

The M3 utilizes two independent linear power supplies for the analog and digital processing to insure low noise and superior isolation. A newly designed chassis made from robust CNC milled aluminum in sections insures superior thermal characteristics, excellent vibrational damping and shielding from RF.

Re-creating sound is an art and a science

The M3’s digital design employs precision DDS clocking that lowers jitter to extremely low levels, insuring a pure digital signal path without the use sample of rate converters, this combined with superior digital filter design, and Native DSD conversion yields a state of the art digital audio path. The M3’s high speed low distortion analog path features a bypass-able preamp class analog level control allowing the M3 to be used to drive power amps directly, with no bit loss for optimal analog performance.

Handcrafted in the USA

All of our products are crafted in the old world tradition, in a classic brick mill building in Massachusetts USA by a team of individuals dedicated to excellence.

Digital Inputs XLR: AES/EBU 24 bit Single Wire, RCA: SPDIF, Optical: Toslink 44.1- 96k, USB 2, RJ45: Ethernet (Optional)
Sample Rates AES, SPDIF 44.1 kHz, to, 192khz, DSD 64fs as DoP
Sample Rates USB 44.1 kHz, to, 384kHz, DSD 64fs 128Fs as DoP
Sample Rates Ethernet 44.1 kHz, to, 384kHz, DSD 64fs,128Fs as DoP
Jitter 8 psec @ 48k / 6psec @ 96k


Balanced Analog Outputs XLR balanced (pin 2 hot)
D/A Conversion PCM 24 bit delta sigma 8x oversampling, NDSD pure 1 bit conversion for DSD
Impedance 40 ohm
Output Level @ 0 db front panel +14.3 dbm 4 db RMS ( bypass mode)
Frequency Response @44.1k 10 hz- 20 kHz +0dB, -.2 dB
Dynamic Range >120dB A-Weighted
THD+N @ 1k .0008% @ 0dbfs / .0004% @-30dbfs


Unbalanced Analog Outputs RCA
D/A Conversion PCM 24 bit delta sigma 8x oversampling, NDSD pure 1 bit conversion for DSD
Impedance 40 ohm
Output level @ 0 db front panel = +4db 2V rms
Frequency Response @ 44.1k 10 hz- 20 kHz -.2 dB
Dynamic Range >120dB A-Weighted
THD+N @ 1k .0008% @ 0dbfs / .0004% @-30dbfs


General Specifications
Finish Anodized Aluminum
Dimensions: 14” x 11.25“ x 2.5”
Weight: 10 lbs
Shipping Weight: 15 lbs
Mains Voltage: 100, 120, 220, 240 VAC, 50 Hz – 60 Hz factory set
Trigger in/out: TRS connector for 5V external trigger on ring.
Power consumption: 20 Watts
Warranty parts and labor: 2 years non-transferable

Alan Sircom i HiFi plus har testet Bricasti M3:
I am going to go out on a bit of a limb here, but the Bricasti Design M3 DAC is very probably The Shape Of Audio To Come. This clever design is incredibly flexible; starting as ‘just’ a high-performance DAC, the M3 can be configured with built-in streamer and/or headphone amplifier. Rather than either produce a slew of ‘similar-but-different’ products or force users down digital audio and personal audio pathways they might not want to take, the Bricasti Design M3 DAC lets you – the end-user – take control of what features you need and what ones you don’t. In an industry that prides itself on its ‘bespoke’ approach, it’s odd that such options are so rare that they take up the introduction of a review. Maybe the Bricasti M3 learned the ‘options’ game from its BMW namesake.

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