Horns 5 Degrees No. 17

29.990 kr

2 Way speaker with 1×1,8” AMT tweeter and a 7″ woofer.

Comes in a variety of finishes to be specified as a note with the  order!

Check out veneers and colour section.

These can be painted in any RAL colour you want.

Spesialbestilling som tar ca 2 uker.

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Can be painted in ANY  RAL colour you choose.
If you can provide s colour code – Horns will make it!


1 Elm tree WI-0012PS
2 Mahogany MA-0151PA
3 Oak DA-0101PS
4 Siberian Oak DA-0057F5
5 Oak DA-0006PS
6 Teak Tree TI-3001PW
7 Teak Tree TI-0001PS
8 Teak Tree TI-0002PS
9 Wenge WE-0003PP
10 Zebrano ZE-0001PS
11 Wenge WE-5006PW
12 Zebrano ZE-0021PS
13 Zebrano Black ZE-0149PS
14 Palisander PA-1102PS
15 Palisander Salvador PA-0800F3
16 Ebony HE-0004PP
17 Walnut Tree OR-0518F1
18 Cherry CZ-0119F1
19 Natural Bamboo BNSZ-17P
20 Carmel Bamboo BCW-45P

Great review in German Magazine:

Test Lautsprecher Stereo – 5degrees No. 17