Horns Mummy

79.990 kr


This speaker utilizes a cabinet made of fiberglass composite. It is quite narrow in its lower part and then expands going up to accommodate first a 12” low moving mass woofer with powerful magnets, hidden behind a grill, and than it expands even further for a large horn featuring a 1” compression driver. Manufacturer chose not to share the information on particular drivers he used, but we know that he used 1st and 2nd order crossover. The crossover point is set at 1300 Hz – woofer works up to this frequency and then the horn takes over the sound reproduction. This information suggests that these should be a very coherent sounding speakers as the designer avoided crossover point in the frequency range where human hearing is most sensitive.  The present version features one more new function absent in previous versions – impedance correction. On the rear panel, next to high quality WBT speakers connectors, there is a small switch that allows user to turn on or off the impedance correction circuit. So one might choose to switch it on or off depending on one’s personal preference. The manufacturer suggests using the correction mostly for low-power SET amplifiers, or in some not-so-friendly acoustic environments.

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Can be painted in ANY  RAL colour you choose.
If you can provide s colour code – Horns will make it!