EMT STX 5/10 Step Up Trafo – 96.000,-

The STX 5/10 provides 14dB of gain that will match MM inputs perfectly with EMT cartridges, but it also offers a second input with 20dB of gain for pickups that generate a lower output. With switchable grounding options and silver-wound transformers, it offers an enticing option for those who lack, or choose to avoid, an active MC stage.

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STX 5/10
Silver wire toroidal transformer

The EMT MC step-up transformer has been carefully designed and manufactured in Switzerland to satisfy highest demands for musicality. It is perfectly matched to EMT cartridges as a reference and offers a second output for cartridges with lower output level.

The toroidal winding technology with purest silver wire and advanced magnetic materials bring this very traditional technology to a new level of ultra-low noise and high resolution.


Gain:                         +14 dB (1:5) / +20 dB (1:10)
Wire:                          99,99% silver
Core:                         Very low loss alloy
Ground options:     Center tap / Floating / Input Cold
Load options:          EMT /  Open
Size:                           200x160x80mm


  • <0.0001% @ 1kHz ​Signal-to-Noise Ratio – >120dB, unweighted


  • 3 sets of balanced XLR input + 2 optional modules

Input Impedance

  • 51 kΩ

Input Voltage – 6Vrms

​Frequency Response

  • 2Hz to 100kHz, 0.1dB


  • 2 sets of balanced XLR outputs

​Output Voltage

  • 12Vrms

Channel Separation

  • >120dB


  • 6.5dB

Volume Control Range

  • 0 to -63dB / Mute


  • W470 x H110 x D392 mm


  • 13.2KG