Horns FP12

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HORNS FP 12 is the middle speaker from FP series. Bigger spaces are not a problem for these speakers. Owing to powerful 12”  bass, a really solid musical base is created. High tones, made by pressure convecter connected with a tube, fulfill musical event, giving full spectrum of frequency.

The characteristic feature of HORNS speakers is underlined advantage of sound, typical for this brand, which never irritates an ear.

With effectiveness 93dB/W/M, it is possible to use speakers with, for example a mid size tube amplifier 25W+

FP12 also loves a good transistor amplifier.

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Can be painted in ANY  RAL colour you choose.
If you can provide a colour code – Horns will make it!


1 Elm tree WI-0012PS
2 Mahogany MA-0151PA
3 Oak DA-0101PS
4 Siberian Oak DA-0057F5
5 Oak DA-0006PS
6 Teak Tree TI-3001PW
7 Teak Tree TI-0001PS
8 Teak Tree TI-0002PS
9 Wenge WE-0003PP
10 Zebrano ZE-0001PS
11 Wenge WE-5006PW
12 Zebrano ZE-0021PS
13 Zebrano Black ZE-0149PS
14 Palisander PA-1102PS
15 Palisander Salvador PA-0800F3
16 Ebony HE-0004PP
17 Walnut Tree OR-0518F1
18 Cherry CZ-0119F1
19 Natural Bamboo BNSZ-17P
20 Carmel Bamboo BCW-45P


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