J. Sikora KV12 VTA – 79.990,-

J. Sikora KV12 VTA

Forskjellen på denne og KV12 armen er muligheten til å justere VTA «on the fly» ved hjelp av den store skrumekanismen ved basen av armen.

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Mvh Tom Egil

The KV12 tonearm is a unique design with a first ever made aramid fibres tube!

Review by Marek Dyba – HiFi Knights:

-Whether it was a classical jazz trio, rock band, or orchestra, the KV12 was able to convey the almost live-like energy of music, even the tiniest details captured in the recording, and also the wealth of emotions hidden between the notes. Long story short – the J.Sikora KV 12 Kevlar tonearm took my whole system to yet another level allowing me to enjoy my beloved music even more, in a more convincing, engaging, visceral, tangible way. And it did it better than any tonearm before it. Those who love beautiful objects will also appreciate the design, make and finish that are of absolutely top quality. The KV12 not only fully deserves our Victor Award, but I also plan to keep it in my system – it’s just way too good to let it go.


The J.Sikora KV12 is a 12’’ oil-dampened unipivot tonearm with an effective length of 304,8 mm and effective mass of 13g. The make and finish are impeccable. It features a flat, metal headshell with elongated slots that allow user to move a cartridge along while setting it up.

Same as in the J.Sikora’s deck, also here designers decided to use a combination of several materials to achieve ultimate performance. The tube is made of Kevlar, and as far as I know it is the first tonearm ever utilizing this material. It is supported by several metal elements made of aluminum, iron cast, bronze and stainless steel.

The internal custom mono-crystal silver wiring was custom-made by another renown Polish manufacturer, Albedo. It is a single piece wiring from cartridge pins on one end to RCA connectors on the other.

There are two counterweights. A bigger one placed close to pivot point allows user to adjust azimuth (using a single, easily accessible screw that ones screws in or out). And there is another, smaller one – the one that was replaced a week after the arm was installed on my deck. It is a metal cylinder with the threaded hole along its longer axis. Using such alignment allows for super-precise VTF adjustment.

In the box one finds another counterweight (smaller or larger depending on which was is installed) which may come handy for lighter or heavier cartridges.

There is also an anti-skating with a very small, very light weight on a thread (it’s all that is needed for this arm).

Last but not least, there is an element that took a very long time to developed and that is actually the most expensive part of the tonearm – the on-the-fly VTA adjustment. The whole mechanism is complex, extremely precise and hard to make, but the ultimate result is stunning. There is a large wheel placed horizontally on the tonearm’s column that one just turns one way or the other even during playback.

  • Bearing type: unipivot
    Material: Kevlar®, aluminium, bronze, cast iron, stainless steel
    Oil damping: yes
    Tube: conical (Kevlar®)
    VTA adjustment: yes
    Azimuth: yes
    Mass: 890 g
    VTA mass: 225 g
    Effective lenght: 304,8 mm
    Mounting distance: 291 mm
    Effective mass: 13 g
    Available colours: natural yellow / lacquered black mat