Nottingham Analogue Studio DAIS. 69.990,-

NAS DAIS platespiller

Prisen som vises er uten arm og pickup.

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Mvh Tom Egil

The Dais turntable is considered Tom Fletcher’s finest production turntable to date. The Dais incorporates the 7/8″ thick Graphite Heavy kit, the 45 lb. base platter and the oil pumping bearing found on the Anna Log as standard. The oil bath bearing provides a continuous oil coating along the entire bearing and thrust pad by pulling a thin coat of oil between the spindle bearing as the platter rotates. The Dais can accommodate up to two tonearms between 9″ to 12″ in length. The Dais comes standard with the Wave Mechanic Power Supply as well.

Nottingham Analogue has always been concerned with what people stand their turntables on, especially glass and spikes, so the base board for the Dais consists of a relatively thin platform base under which there is a 90% covering of damping material. When this damping material is put onto the chosen surface there is more of a ‘marriage’ between the turntable and surface.

In addition to a more robust version of the oil pumping bearing, the Dais incorporates a gravity spun iron platter. This platter is actually spun while casting to eliminate even the tiniest air pockets thereby ensuring consistency throughout the platter.

The Dais also includes the Wave Mechanic power supply that provides ultra-stable AC wave form to drive the motor. Just looking at the Dais, its most striking design feature is its simplicity. It almost vanishes except for the platter.

Dais has a 20+ kg gravity spun cast iron platter topped with the graphite ‘mat’.  The bronze bearing has the carbide/thrust design which allows the continuous flow of bearing oil between the spindle shaft and bearing, this, along with the special grade stainless steel spindle housing give great stability and is a wonderful platform for the vinyl record.  Can accommodate up to two tonearms (9”, 10” or 12”).  The Dais comes as standard with its own power supply.  Platter colour, black or silver, base colour black gloss. (Colour options available at extra cost).


Nottingham Analogue Studio

Nottingham Analogue Studio was founded in Great Britain over four decades ago and produces some of the finest turntables in the world. The primary purpose of better analogue LP playback is to savour every last bit of music buried in the timeless grooves, and Nottingham’s design philosophy does just that.

The basic design idea, incorporated into nine models, is to liberate the platter, arm and motor from the resonance-laden, box-like base which housed most turntables in the past.  Using low torque motors and materials that work wonderfully well together, Nottingham Analogue Studio creates a range of turntables not only pleasing to the eye but (and more importantly) to the ear.

The Nottingham Analogue unipivot tonearms are, obviously, designed with our turntables in mind, lightweight yet robust they allow the stylus to do its job with the minimum of interference.