EMT 128 Micro Tube Precision Phonostage – 149.990,-

Michael Fremer har testet EMT’s nye RIAA, og EMT JSD Titan pickup.

-Michael Fremer:
«I sat fully engaged in the entire after-hours concert, transported to the nightclub filled with Nat’s celebrity friends—who couldn’t attend the earlier shows because they were doing the same thing Nat was, at other Las Vegas nightclubs. Through the 128, Nat’s cover of «I Wish You Love,» a sonic and musical treat on which he’s accompanied by lush strings on one side and mellow woodwinds, muted brass, and double bass on the other, sounded better than I’d ever heard it.»

Hele testen kan leses her: https://www.stereophile.com/content/emt-128-phono-preamplifier

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Mvh Tom Egil


EMT 128
Micro Tube Precision Phonostage
– Unique design concepts for best technical and most musical performance
– All tube amplification with integrated input- and output-transformers
– Sub miniature vacuum tube, originally produced for US missile technology
– All circuits built-into a dedicated case milled out of one solid block of aluminium
– Advanced airflow and anti-vibration control technology
– XLR or RCA output


EMT 128 – Micro-Tube Precision Phonostage
Following the long tradition of EMT in building professional phonostages, we are happy to introduce
the EMT 128 with unique micro-tube design for the most musical listening experience

The amplifier electronics and power supply are built into a slim but massive aluminium case.
Long term experience in tube circuit design, selected components and advanced vibration control
technology ensures a superb performance.

Micro-Tube Precision Phonostage
Unique micro-tube design for most musical performance
Customized input- and output-transformers
Electronics and power-supply built into a massive aluminium-case
Advanced vibration control technology
Line Output:
XLR (1=GND, 2=HOT, 3=COLD)
Stereo / Mono
Total Gain:
64dB / 70dB (set by internal jumpers)
Total Harmonic Distortion:
-70dB @ 1kHz
Output impedance:
<500 Ohms
Mains input:
INT: 230 VAC
US: 115 VAC
JP: 100 VAC
Power Consumption:
25 Watts
Operating temperature:
Operating environment:
Indoor only
480x315x60 mm
19×12.5×2.3 inches