EMT HSD 006 – 21.200,-

Innstegsmodellen til EMT er ingen billigpickup, og her får du en pickup som vil gi deg mye godlyd.

-The newest EMT was characterized by a natural warmth—not a timbral tilt, but an exceedingly subtle richness of tone, in voices and instruments alike. Its tonal balance was neither bright nor dull: very good bass extension was balanced by a treble range notably more extended than the TSD 15’s, but not excessively so.»

HiFi stereo cartridge with aluminium-body
The HSD 006 features our traditional stereo moving-coil generator, which has proven itself over decades in broadcast studios all over the world. The new body design makes it possible to bring professional EMT technology to your personal hi-fi system, letting you enjoy the intoxicating musicality of this outstanding transducer.

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Diamond: SFL
Cantilever: Aluminium
Transducer: MC Stereo
Magnet: AlNiCo, nickel-plated
Body: Aluminium, blue anodized
Connection: 1/2″ – 4pin
Vertical Tracking Angle: 23°
Weight: 12g
Tracking force: 2,4g
Output voltage: 1.05mV @ 5cm/s
Compliance: 12μm/mN
Frequency response:
20 – 25‘000Hz
40 – 12‘500Hz
Impedance: 2×24Ω
Recommended load: 200 – 300Ω


HSD: HiFi Stereo Diamond
006: Stylus tip radius in microns
SFL: Super Fine Line diamond shape