Nottingham Analogue Studio – Ace Space Tonearm 10″

12.600 kr


10″ Tonearm fra Nottingham Analogue Studio

Tone Arms

We do a range of unipivot tonearms, 10” (222mm centre distance) and 12” (294mm centre distance).  Interspace (222mm), Ace Space (222mm and 294mm) and Ace Anna (222mm and 294mm).

The Interspace arm has in line headshell and single long grain carbon fibre tube.  All the other arms in the range have an adjustable headshell and a threaded VTA adjustment screw,  double long grain carbon fibre tubing and damping pockets set into the ’barrell’ of the tonearm.

All our tonearms are designed to be effective with  simplicity and lightness.


  • <0.0001% @ 1kHz ​Signal-to-Noise Ratio – >120dB, unweighted


  • 3 sets of balanced XLR input + 2 optional modules

Input Impedance

  • 51 kΩ

Input Voltage – 6Vrms

​Frequency Response

  • 2Hz to 100kHz, 0.1dB


  • 2 sets of balanced XLR outputs

​Output Voltage

  • 12Vrms

Channel Separation

  • >120dB


  • 6.5dB

Volume Control Range

  • 0 to -63dB / Mute


  • W470 x H110 x D392 mm


  • 13.2KG