Tobian SC1 – Triode Pre-Amplifier – 1.220.000,-

The SC1…completely legal happiness drug.

Our new SC1 is a real five ★★★★★ transformer coupled Reference preamplifier. The SC1 is completely hand wired (point to point) and all components were newly developed especially for the SC1.

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SC1 – Triode Pre-Amplifier

The SC1…completely legal happiness drug.

Our new SC1 is a real five ★★★★★ transformer coupled Reference preamplifier. The SC1 is completely hand wired (point to point) and all components were newly developed especially for the SC1.

For example; the new line output transformer with over 350 henrys is unique on the market!

Very good audio line out transformers transmit up to 95% of the original power of a triode; in watts!

Transformer coupling advantages however depend on the quality of the line out transformer and of course on the choice of tubes, like the legendary Directly Heated Triode VT62 / 801a which we install in SC1.

As transformers are the essential part in each device and depending on their quality final result depend, we at Tobian Soundsystems do not want to leave anything to chance, so we decided to manufacture transformers ourselves.

After many hours spend on research and development and numerous comparisons and tests, we decided to use the best core material «M-core and E-core super-Permalloy». The result is an unprecedented audio line out transformer with a very wide and flexible frequency response ranging from 10Hz to 30kHz square wave.

This low-distortion and ultra-musical line out output transformer is the ideal partner for our new SC1 and has helped us to bring to life this exceptional preamplifier.

The SC1 will also become your personal reference…Just visit me at the beautiful Lake Lucerne.

Handmade super Permalloy Line output Transformer
Impedance 200 ohm (Standard)
300 ohm and 600 ohm (available)

Line Stage 4 X  801a / VT62 / 10 Triode

complete hand wired (point to point) 99.99% pure Silver

TVC Transformer Volume Control 34 step

Tube Rectifier 274B

Weight 48 Kg Preamplifier Line Stage

Weight 54 Kg Power Supply

dimensions 480mm x 540mm x 280mm (WxDxH)

hand made in Stansstad Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

lifetime warranty (less tubes)


Since my boyhood days I have dreamt of making the best sounding components because I could not find them on the market. With 25 years’ of expertise, I have managed to make my dreams come true. And so can you.

I live and work in Central Switzerland next to beautiful Lake Lucerne, surrounded by mountains. Empowered by my wonderful family, I work with a team of unique experts to make those audio dreams come true. I take a lot of time to develop and manufacture high efficiency coaxial speakers, tube amps and DACs. Deeply rooted in audio history, I am also fully aware of today’s manufacturing advantages and apply them whenever they will be useful. Please take your time to experience my components and I can promise you, it will only take moments before you realize that you are listening to something special, something musical: a gateway to the music. Let me introduce you to some secrets behind the making of these products.



We at Tobian Sound Systems believe that the beauty of our audio products lies in the hands of the makers. I may be the originator and driving force, but the products have more than one father.

My amplifiers for example benefit from the unique expertise of the man who is responsible for my transformers. His 50 years’ of experience from the heydays of tube amps until today, cannot be matched elsewhere. A while ago we had the chance to integrate another veteran transformer specialist into the team. This man started with Peerless in the 1960s and his hands know exactly what to do. Thus we are fortunate to be able to blend Swiss and German knowledge and precision with American engineering. This is not written in the books, it is written in the hands and hearts of the experts, because they live this trade and keep their secrets to themselves. However, in the end all is revealed in my products and the beautiful music they produce. They say the heart of a tube amp is in the output transformer. But what kind of output transformer?

Our wire is very slowly dragged and carefully isolated with natural resin and then baked. The next step is the alignment of the wire on the core. The core of the transformer is made of a special, grain oriented steel, that only one company in the world makes – in Switzerland. Each layer of oval-section wire is then hammered into one homogenous surface. It is along the outside of this augmented surface that the signal will travel. Each layer is then isolated with mu-metal shielding before the next layer goes on. After a transformer is finished, it is submerged in natural resin, and baked. Every step of the process, the materials, the execution, the duration of each phase, the precision that only comes from experience, turns these transformers into something you cannot just buy. You have to be dedicated to have them made like this. It’s as if they are dreamt into reality. Put your hand on one of those transformers while the amp is on – are you sure it’s really on? You cannot tell. Like driving a Bentley: only when you look at the dashboard do you realize how fast you are really going.