Westminister Lab Quest – 310.000,-

Et moderne utseende, fullpakket med kvalitet!

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Mvh Tom Egil

Denne kommer med noen ekstravalg som velges ved bestilling.
Extended Carbon Pack
Extra carbon fibre shielding for the input, output, volume, and power supply section of the Quest. Enhancing the background darkness, micro-details,
texture and emotion of the music playback.  29.880,-

Extended Connection Pack
This pack add two additional remote trigger output for ease of operation. Compatible with the Rei / UNUM and most amplifier on the market.

Gloss Carbon Finish
Gloss Carbon Replaces the top cover with gloss finishes carbon fibre.

Ektravalg som kan bestilles også etter levering.
RCA input RCA input expansion card
Phono Input ( RCA ) MC Phono ( RCA ) input expansion card / Phono Input ( XLR ) MC Phono ( XLR ) input expansion card

QUEST – Reinventing The Wheel

The ultimate aim of the Quest is to create the perfect preamplifier to accompany the Rei and the cables lineup. With the Quest, it completes the loom between your source and pair of speakers. Setting out to push the boundary, it redefines how a preamplifier can contribute to the system and the ability to extract every bit of potential from both the recorded music and the music reproduction system.

During the inception of the project, we endlessly question the role of the preamplifier in an audio system, and constantly challenge whether a pre-amplifier is absolutely necessary in a system and what qualities the added stage can bring or may bring to the outcome. We begin with a fresh start to investigate the relationship between the source and the amplifier. Every section of the preamplifier has been looked at thoroughly to see how we can improve every single part and also what kind of synergy we can extract from them.

Full balanced Dual-Mono pre-amplifier from WestminsterLab.
Complete full balanced circuitry with hand picked through whole components matched to 0.5%. Hand soldered and hand crafted in
Hong Kong.  Sandblasted aluminium finish with carbon top cover as standard.



Behind industrial and electronic design of the Quest echos with the WestminsterLab tradition. Keeping unnecessary features and ornaments to the minimum and brings the purest musical and user experience to you.

No fancy colour display, UV meter or any distracting items. Prepare rediscovering your music.

Hybrid Grounding Technology

The overall ground design and grounding scheme can hold a significant impact to the overall performance of the system, especially for tiny signals like the Quest handles. Tremendous effort has been put to design the grounding of the Quest and we have developed a new grounding scheme – Hybrid Grounding. Hybrid Grounding allows users to switch between two grounding modes on the fly so as to configure their Quest specifically for their system and look at the grounding scheme as a whole.

Compartmentation and Shielding

We have gone to the end of the world and taken extensive measures to protect the fragile signals going through the Quest. Many signal handling relays feature a soft start mechanism, sections within the unit are isolated and compartmented, making sure that the cross interference is minimised. For customers who want the best of the best, they can choose to purchase the extended carbon fibre option which adds another layer of carbon fibre shielding inside the unit.

Expandable Future

At the back of the unit, there are two slots where users can insert expansion modules in the future. These sockets are designed to provide flexibility to design modules to add more input functions to the unit. For now, there is a RCA input card, and in the future there may be a phono input card or even a digital input model.


  • <0.0001% @ 1kHz ​Signal-to-Noise Ratio – >120dB, unweighted


  • 3 sets of balanced XLR input + 2 optional modules

Input Impedance

  • 51 kΩ

Input Voltage – 6Vrms

​Frequency Response

  • 2Hz to 100kHz, 0.1dB


  • 2 sets of balanced XLR outputs

​Output Voltage

  • 12Vrms

Channel Separation

  • >120dB


  • 6.5dB

Volume Control Range

  • 0 to -63dB / Mute


  • W470 x H110 x D392 mm


  • 13.2KG

Stereo Sound Online

Review by 山本浩司

Senior editor of Stereo Sound investigates the ideology and details about the design of Quest, and how this «raising star» led him to the journey of music rediscovery.

«…no matter which of my favorite songs

I listened to. It was a great experience.

This is a new star of the preamplifier world.»

» …his vocals are so rich and expressive that it’s as if a veil has been lifted, like an 8K image captured with an ultra-high resolution lens.»