Norma IPA 70B

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This Norma is an intriguing amplifier; it does so many things so well that you have to wonder how Enrico Rossi has achieved it. The ability to combine so many strengths in what is a relatively compact and attractive amp is very unusual, very few do pace this well and it’s equally rare to hear microdynamics delivered so clearly. It certainly makes you wonder about the bigger IPA-140B, which if like this it can double its output into a halving of load must be a bit of a monster. Feature wise the single input DAC might be a limit for some and at this price level some competitors offer balanced inputs, but the DAC itself is very good and personally I’ve yet to hear real benefits in balanced connections where cable lengths are sensible. If you’re in the market for a new amplifier I suggest you put this near the top of your audition list.

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The Integrated Amplifier NORMA Revo IPA 70 comes as a result of a challenge. The challenge to offer a product with an advanced design, united with top-notch building quality and sonic result, whilst maintaining an accessible price. Thanks to the experience gained during years and to a brilliant engineering of product and manufacturing process, the challenge was successful. The Revo IPA 70 is the best creativity, passion, and love for music can make in Italy. Apart from the important and numerous technical aspects, the mission of the Revo IPA 70 was to offer a level of refinement and listening pleasure unknown to this segment of the market – until now. Transparency, timbre neutrality, velocity, great dynamics, ability of reproducing even the littlest nuances of the musical signal, both at high and low volumes, great driving versatility even with demanding loudspeakers. These characteristics express a lot more than its deliberately compact dimensions would lead to think.
The design of the Revo IPA 70, result of an all-Italian experience in this field, has been thought as a synthesis of technology and shape pleasure. Like if they were shaped by the electrical flux that crosses them, the new volumes, thanks to an harmonic dialogue between tense lines and smooth junctions, appear essential but at the same time loaded with a strong dynamic charge.


– Extreme low noise and high speed schematic topology.
– Wide band ( >1 MHz ).
– High current MOS-FET power device (100 A output peak current).
– 8 power device for a total rated 1.000 W power handling capability.
– Semiconductor selected and matching for Left & Right channel.
– PCB Board with wide ground plane.
– Separate ground plane power supply for Gain, Driver and Output stage.
– High speed and low noise regulated power supply for gain and driver stage.
– High filtering capacity with numerous and low impedance capacitors.
– Full aluminium non-magnetic frame.
– Toroidal power transformer specially designed for audio applications, low dispersion flow. low mechanical noise, high permeability magnetic core with consequent low output impedance.
– Remote control of all functions with NORMA RC-A remote control.
– Two-speed volume control (Fine and Fast).
– Possibility of housing the PHONO Stage Board inside.
– High quality phono stage, for MM and MC pick-up
– Protection for DC signal sensitive speakers.
– Inputs selection by relay with GOLD/PALLADIUM contacts.
– Stand-by mode switches off the microprocessor one the command is executed, so as to annul any interference towards analogue signal.

Inputs: 1 Phono MM/MC, 4 Line RCA, 1 Direct (AV) IN
Inputs Impedance: 10 Kohm
Outputs: 1 REC OUT, 2 pair of Main Speakers Outputs,
Phono: MM / MC,
Phono Input Impedance: 47 Kohm, 1 Kohm, 500 Ohm. 100 Ohm, Spare
Phono Gain: 34 dB, 38 dB, 42 dB, 46 dB, 50 dB, 52 dB, Spare
Speaker outputs: 2 pair main output
Frequency Response: 0-800 KHz  (Volume at MAX)
Configuration: Solid state
Output Power: 70 W RMS / 8 Ohm – 140W RMS / 4 Ohm (each channel)
Outputs Current : 24 A continuous, 100 A peak (each channel)
Electric transformer: toroidal special audio use, 300 VA
Gain Sensitivity: 34 dB, 470 mV for  70 W / 8 Ohm
Supply: 230 V AC / 50 Hz, (100V AC or 115 VAC / 50-60Hz in some countries)
Dimensions (HxWxD): 75 x 430 x 350 mm
Weight: 15 Kg

Note: Integrated amplifier with full remote control by NORMA IR

Note : Specification subject to change without notice

– Optional board, to be fitted in a main amp board.
– Both, MM & MC pick-up
– Two different OpAmp for MM & MC pick-up, can be easily swapped by the user, to achive the best S/N ratio.


Phono Input Impedance: 47 KOhm, 1 KOhm, 500 Ohm. 100 Ohm, Spare
Phono Gain: 34 dB, 38 dB, 42 dB, 46 dB, 50 dB, 52 dB, Spare
Output Voltage: 24 V Peak to Peak

Note : Specification subject to change without notice

– USB input full bandwidth, up to 24 Bit / 192 KHz.
– Local Oscillator high stability, low Jitter and low phase noise.
– 3 Voltage regulator
– AKM4391 High End 32 Bit DAC
– Internal Digital filter x8 oversampling.
– User selectable 3 different digital filter response.
– Proprietary architecture for Analogue Filter and Output stage

Note : Specification subject to change without notice


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