Westminister Lab REI – 440.000,-

Et moderne utseende, fullpakket med kvalitet!

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Mvh Tom Egil


Based on the legendary UNUM, the REI is operating at Class A, with output all the way up to 400watt.

A new persepctive in rediscovering your music

The development of the Rei begins when we realise how much people are loving the UNUM amplifier, and in order to show the joy and excitement we have to find new ways of bringing the technology of UNUM to a new more affordable body, it is one hell of a task especially as we set out to keep the essence and performance without cutting corners.


Not The Typical Class A

The Rei employs a WestminsterLab proprietary iBias and CCS systems, what it means in terms of electronically. The Rei will warm up much faster than other typical Class A amplifier, and the iBias technology constantly varies the bias depending on the current and also the loading of the amplifier. And the result sonically, is you get the best of the Class A without the typical draw backs. Is truly unique.

A new page in transistors matching

Matching transistors are not uncommon in the world of amplifier design and manufacture. But WestminsterLab do it very differently.

Not only the transistors are matched within 1%, the matching and paring are done across several working points of the curve and stress tested for hours to ensure the transistors are matched under extensive load. This is also one of the very reason why we can deliver 400 watts of Class A power in such a small package.

Is all about POWER

The power supply design is one of the key elements in amplifier design. Lots of users or even manufactures completely underminds the importance of a capable power supply. Not only the power supply has to be low noise ( both voltage and current ), it has to be able to maintain those characters under loads. The speed that the power supply reacts with a sudden surge of load is also key to the intoxicating instant oomph that the Rei able to deliver.

Ultra thick PCB

The PCB is one of the key components within any amplifiers. It is the medium amongst different components, this network of complex copper connection can somehow be the weakest link within the equation if it is to be overlooked. After years of testing and countless prototypes with our supplier, we have nailed a certain type of PCB with ultra thick and ultra pure copper layer. In our own audition, it is pure, fast and transparent, it came very close to point to point soldering,


  • Class A Amplifier


  • 100 watts @ 8Ω, 200 watts @ 4Ω, 400 watts @ 2Ω

Power ( Bridged )

  • 400 watts @ 8Ω, 800 watts @ 4Ω

Frequency Response

  • 5 Hz to 40 kHz, ±0.1 dB / 2Hz to 52 kHz, -1 dB


  • (100 watts @ 8Ω) <0.1% @ 1 kHz

Signal-to-Noise Ratio

  • 104 dB, A-weighted


  • 1 balanced XLR input


  • 1 balanced XLR output

Input Impedance

  • 200 kΩ

​Output Impedance

  • 0.018Ω


  • W232 x H112 x D320 mm


  • 16KG