Westminister Lab SPDIF 75 ohm Cable

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Matej Isak has reviewed all Westminister Labs cables:
-For what they represent I’m happily granting WestminsterLab Standard and Ultra cables 2020 Mono and Stereo Highly Recommended Product Award!
Matej Isak
Complete Review here:


Material Investigation

Knowing the significance of conductor materials, WestminsterLab deeply investigated, researched and tested numerous conducting materials and processing methods, targeted to tackle distortion of signals transfer, uneven frequency transition, loss of density and grainy sound.

With unsatisfying results of usual conducting materials like copper and silver, we then developed and introduce our self-formulated conductor, we named it as Autria Alloy, which is surface polished solid core alloy, targeting to be no material sound signatures, and give clearer and purer sound.

Bespoke Conductors

Autria Alloy is made to have no grain boundaries with specific composition of conducting materials, adding proper temperature treatment, great performance of signal transmission is achieved.

To prevent oxidation of the conductor, the surface of Autria alloy is coated by self-formulated black enamel coating which in our tests outperforms the usual enamel, and  then carefully inserted into a PTFE tube for better dielectric property.

Structures & Vari-Twist

A usual practice of cable making is to twist a pair or pairs of conductors in order to reduce magnetic effects and inductive disturbance. But this practice may induce high capacitance to the cable, also with a unitary angle of twisting giving a particular resonance to a particular frequency range, may result dull, slow and blur sound.

Vari-Twist, as how it names, twists the signal pair to our formulated varying angle throughout the whole cable. The capacitance of the cable keeps changing to minimize the resonance with particular frequency yet interference and magnetic field are still minimized.

Shielding materials used are commonly tin, aluminum, copper, silver plated copper and nickel-plated copper. In our tests, as long as metal is used, rather than rejecting, interferences are absorbed and fed back to the system, although most of them are considered as “grounded”. These radio-wave changes to electricity and magnetic field to affect the whole system, causing a negative effect on the background darkness, sound staging and dynamics, resulting in dull, contracting and tight sound. 

Our final choice is costly carbon fiber sleeve for shielding, which will not be affected by any magnetic field and rejects interferences without absorption in nature. When used in conjunction with Vari-Twist Technology, it brings the already state of the art cable to a whole new level.


Standard length:
1M-4M, every 0.5M

Standard Plugs:
Furutech FP110G

Ultra Plugs:



Cables Options
All WestminsterLab cables come with white sleeve finishes. Customers can request the cable to be
wrapped in real carbon fibre shielding for extra cost. The pictures above demonstrate the difference in
appearances for both finishes.


Mono & Stereo

Review by Matej Isak

Matej’s first experience with WestminsterLab. Follow the link to see what Matej’s path of rediscovering the music and his thoughts on the industry.

«…the WestminsterLab’s cables possess a certain gravity that simply pulls you into the prolonged and fatigue-free music enjoyment»

» What (the WestminsterLab team) have reached is exceptional and of undisputed consistency that many of audio cables fail to deliver

regardless of the price»





HiFi+ #188 review by Alan Sircom

HiFi+ published a full review on the whole loom of WestminsterLab Standard cables in their Issue 188, October 2020.

«There is nothing standard

about the standard cable»

» All these cables do is add and subtract

as little as possible to the sound»